Oct 25, 2010

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An Inside Look at “I Love My Hair” on Sesame Street

An Inside Look at “I Love My Hair” on Sesame Street

Sesame Street is becoming my favorite show again!  Of course I loved it as a child.  I learned so much from their funny and entertaining characters.  I still remember some of the Sesame Street songs I grew up singing.  Now, I have a new favorite!

I’m sure you’ve heard (it’s pretty popular by now) Sesame Street has debuted a new song, “I Love My Hair”.  It has transcended the natural hair community and is inspiring people all over.  It shares a beautiful message of self-love and acceptance.

Taking it even further, here’s a video that gives an inside look at the creator and inspiration behind the song and character:

I read some comments about this video stating that it was a shame that a white man had to bring light to natural hair on Sesame Street.  I feel the total opposite.  I think it’s beautiful that not only a father made a tribute to his daughter, but that a human being is spreading the message of self-love and acceptance, starting with children.  I think this concept is critically important.  No matter what people are born with they should learn from a young age to love exactly who they are.  Not to mention the fact that the creation of this song paints such a beautiful picture of universal unity and love that one culture could be so sensitive to a challenging topic of another culture and use that to spread a universally uplifting message.

In case you haven’t seen the full video of this song, here it is!….  I find myself singing the chorus while I walk around the house lately!  I just love this song. :)

Share your thoughts in the comments: What do you think of the news report and new Sesame Street song?

Peace, Love & Hair!


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  1. Alma Myers says:

    I love this post! What a wonderful way you have interpreted this whole concept about spreading love! It really doesn’t matter who spreads it, as long as it gets spread!!! Bravo!!

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