As a brand new 30 year old embarking on a new and exciting decade, I’m gratefully recovering from a huge detour away from the intended path for my life. I am now learning to create a life I love by following my passions and pursuing the fulfillment of my purpose through personal and spiritual development.

This experience of enlightenment and inspiration, however, has not been the easiest, in fact it’s been one of the most challenging times in my life.  And it started as a swift kick in the butt out of my comfy lifestyle into the scariest, most inconvenient and unfamiliar experiences ever.

After getting laid off from the first and longest real job I had as an adult, I was forced to delve into a lot of soul searching to find out exactly who I was and what I really wanted to do with my life. I looked back at the several positions I held at this “beloved” job of mine and even reminisced about the benefits I enjoyed of several promotions during my 8-year stint there. I realized then that none of that did anything for me.  I knew immediately that I couldn’t force myself back into the working world to spend more days, months and years doing things I wasn’t interested in just for money.  It was a scary decision to make, especially considering I wasn’t trained in anything that I loved to do. 

So what exactly was I going to do with myself?  The only thing I knew for sure is that I wanted to pursue entrepreneurship.  I was convinced working for myself would make me happy.  I learned, not so quickly I might add, that simply working for myself wasn’t good enough either.  The winning combination I found is: working for myself + doing something that I love = I’m happy!  Both elements must be in play for me to truly be fulfilled.

The pursuit of the perfect entrepreneurship has evolved into this incredibly challenging personal and spiritual development journey that has highlighted many of my strengths and weaknesses, both that I was aware of and completely unaware of.  The fact that I have been so completely oblivious to so many things about myself has been one of the biggest revelations. On top of that, dealing with the ugliness of all of the faults and weaknesses that have come up has nearly wiped me out! Dealing with them makes me stronger and better, but still, it has been a trip.  And the hidden strengths I’ve found have become a surprise blessing, igniting motivation and inspiration to follow my passions.

Fortunately, the reveal of it all has been incredibly healing and nurturing. This beautiful and challenging process has helped me determine exactly who I am, and who I am not. Through it all I’ve reminded myself that I am a writer and have spent a good portion of this journey re-igniting my love for writing, getting over the fear of sharing what I write and embracing the creativity within me.

Writing has always been a love of mine.  For many years, it’s been the sole beneficiary of my inner thoughts, allowing me to release when faced with challenging circumstances and express myself to the fullest when my emotions manipulated my verbal expression.  Writing has definitely become a place of solace for me.  So in consideration of the new and powerful information that is molding and fueling a brand new me, I’m inspired to write! …And now share!

So here I am, purposefully taking part in my life now, learning how to LIVE instead of simply existing.  I’m learning how to find happiness and immense amounts of joy deep within me, instead of constantly searching outwardly for things that only give me superficial, limited and fleeting pleasure.  I’m learning that no matter where I am in life, no matter how beautiful or horrible the circumstance may seem, it is perfect, just as it is, because there is a lesson to learn, an opportunity for growth and a blessing through it all.  I am learning that creativity is an expression of love and beauty and something to be cherished, nurtured and developed, not hidden and forgotten.  I am learning to consciously create my life allowing me to live a life I love instead of unconsciously creating things I’d rather not experience.

Through this enormous learning experience I am also developing new and different beliefs and actions that totally go against the grain of what is known as “the norm”.  At times it’s quite intimidating to break out of “the norm” box, but it’s also exciting and exhilarating.  I choose to focus more on the exciting feelings because excitement is just more fun. 

Not to mention, I’ve grown closer to God and THE TRUTH than ever before, even in all my years of devotion to church.  Right now I’m not living by anybody else’s rules, not religion’s, and certainly not society’s.  I’m sincerely DOING ME with God in my corner.  By studying spirituality I’m learning to live by God’s intended rules – universal laws and principles. This new belief system serves me far better than anything I thought I believed before.  Finding out the truth of who I am feeds my soul, stirring up new life within me that expresses creatively through me.  It’s a beautiful transformation and I welcome every bit of it.

Now that you’ve endured this elaborate introduction of myself, hopefully I’ve mixed the paints together well enough and have started the portrait of who I am so that you can begin to see a clear picture of my essence and perspective.  I’m finally taking my passion for writing seriously by sharing here on this blog and excitedly stepping into purposeful living on my entrepreneurship journey.  Hopefully you’ll enjoy the ride with me!



Basics About Me:

Name: Alexis Myers

Current Age: 33 (as of 2013)

Location: Washington, DC, USA

Entrepreneurship: Web Designer & Technical Virtual Assistant


  • English major at UDC – 2010 (to perfect my writing skills)
  • Always studying and practicing personal & spiritual development principles.

Religious Views: Spiritual – God is bigger than religion

Birthday: April 3rd (in case you want to send me gifts or well wishes :))

**Note: I keep this section updated as things change like my age, furthering my education and the evolution of my entrepreneurship.

Anything else you’d like to know, contact me.

Share your thoughts in the comments: Let’s introduce ourselves!  Share your own journey with me.   What do you think of my journey and this site?

Peace, Love & Happiness,


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