My biggest challenges have turned into my biggest learning experiences. Although I learn a lot, I panic a lot too! Overcoming challenges and truly learning my lessons so that I don’t repeat challenging situations has not necessarily been one of my strengths.

Recently, one of my most meaningful learning experiences taught me several lessons at once.

Lesson #1: Material things are temporary and replaceable – never put more value on them than they deserve.

Lesson #2: God is my source – I didn’t single-handedly acquire anything in my life, I must always remember that everything is a gift from God.

Lesson #3: BE the change I want to see in my life – instead of sitting around wishing, ACT differently so that I will then experience differently.

With all of these random yet profound lessons being offered up at once, of course this learning experience has been deemed one of my most challenging, yet beneficial. That third lesson has had the most impact on my latest actions.

For as long as I’ve known myself I’ve been inconsistent, unable to commit to anything unless it was as easy as possible and made me feel good, and majorly distracted by absolutely everything. That has been the formula for my failure. In the pursuit of a new me, I’ve been working on a new formula, which is sure to bring the total opposite of my former results. Unfortunately this process of change is not the easiest and we already know my history with taking the easy route. If it ain’t easy, I ain’t feelin’ it and trust me, this has been everything but easy. Ironically that’s the point of it all. If it was easy to be disciplined, focused and productive, my overall success would be old news.

So this huge obstacle course that I’m traveling through now which seems to have come to the part with the most difficult obstacles is basically God saying, “Ok now! You’ve coasted along for long enough, it’s time for you to step up, apply yourself, grow some muscles, find some courage, and whip yourself into shape so you can step into your greatness, abundance, prosperity, success and purpose I’ve already laid out for you.”

That’s really how life goes whether we realize it or not. We go from “why me?” pity parties to complete breakdowns to full on addictions when we’re handed seemingly unbearable situations. I know, I’ve experienced them all. Instead we’re supposed to learn lessons, grow and ultimately become better people in the face of adversity that we’ve attracted to ourselves anyway. Yes, I said we attract our own adversity. We attract everything into our lives, negative or positive, through the Law of Attraction. Many times we attract adversity because deep down inside we really do want to change for the better, we just don’t know how, so we draw things (such as people, circumstances or events) into our lives to teach us the lessons. These “teachers” can come in the form of inspiration or adversity; it’s really all up to who we are and what we truly believe about ourselves.

While tripping and bumping and finding my way through this crazy maze of transformation I’ve been able to tweak my new formula for success, which includes practicing positive daily affirmations. I’ve found that they are a huge source of support, fuel and inspiration. When I first learned about speaking positive affirmations into my life to illicit positive change, I got excited. I ran home, typed up some positive things I wanted to be, do and have in my life and felt great about it. That was a little over a year ago. I could probably count on one hand how many times I’ve looked at and repeated out loud my precious affirmations. That basically changes the concept from “daily affirmations” to “every now and then affirmations”. That’s yet another formula doomed for failure. What you put out is what you get back. I’ve certainly been reaping what I’ve sewn, experiencing only spurts of growth, financial blessings, inspiration and productivity, but never a consistent flow of all my desires eventually leading to complete success.

After learning more and gaining a deeper understanding of each step in the winning formula, I was inspired to go back to and even improve my affirmations. This time I printed them out. I knew that I needed daily motivation to keep my mind and spirit where they needed to be to speed up the manifestation of my success. My latest experience helped put enough fire under me to get out of my sedentary place. So I knew if I was really going to put myself out there to take bold courageous steps and stand strong in my faith and positive thinking, I needed some backup.

Having the support of daily positive affirmations is like being a heavy weight boxer in the ring with your team of trainers in the corner. No matter how hard we may try to stay positive, trust that everything will work out in the end, keep our minds off misfortune and devastating conditions, and trudge through all obstacles in our way, it’s just like being in the middle of that boxing ring getting beat up, beat down, sucker punched and knocked out. Even in the biggest fights, that bell rings and you get to go back to your corner where your team of trainers squirts water in your face telling you to, “Wake up! You are not your conditions! No matter how beat up you feel you are still a champion! You can beat your opponent!” They put Vaseline on your wounds as a coat of protection, letting your opponent know, “You have to come harder next time if you want to take me down because I’m greased up, protected and prepared for this fight. And just because you throw a punch it does not count me out!” They put ointment on the open cuts on your face which says, “I know it hurts, but I’m here to take the pain away and no matter how hard the hits come and how many times they break your skin, there is always healing to close the wound.” All the while they’re pumping you up, massaging your shoulders and reminding you of winning strategies to endure the fight, dodge the punches you know will continue to come and ultimately pull out that win.

In our daily lives we desperately need those powerful reinforcements. I know I do! It helped me when I felt like my world was crashing down around me. I sat in my living room stunned thinking, “What lesson do I need to learn NOW? How do I keep messing things up for myself when I’m trying so hard to change for the better? How many more of these hits can I take? Is God serious right now or is he laughing in my face?” After I had my little 30-minute pity party I ran back to my corner to get support from my trainers. They reminded me that I am not my conditions, instead:

  • I Am a Powerful Reality Creator
  • I Have Everything I Need
  • I Am Confident in Myself and God’s Power Within Me
  • I Stand Strong in My Beliefs and What’s Important to Me
  • I Release All Negativity That May Be Blocking My Blessings
  • I Expect Surprise Financial Blessings Always
  • I Am Disciplined
  • I Am Focused
  • I Am Committed to What is Best for Me
  • I Love and Accept Every Aspect of Myself
  • I Am Creative
  • I Am Successful at Everything I Put My Effort Into
  • I Live a Life of Purpose Daily
  • I Am Completely Fulfilled
  • I Have Unwavering Faith in God
  • I Deserve to Live the Best Life God Has Intended for Me
  • I Am Extremely Grateful for God’s Blessings in my life all day everyday
  • I Have Meaningful, Purposeful, and Profitable Businesses

I Am Divine

I Always Know What to Do

God is Now Showing Me the Way

I Am Joyful

I Am Happy

I Am Grateful


These are some of my personal and business daily affirmations. I finally understand the importance of reading, speaking and visualizing these powerful words not just daily, but any and every time I feel down and need to recharge my battery. It’s funny because these affirmations really are my trainers. They train my mind and spirit to stay where they should be, concentrating on digging deep down inside of me past all the mess that exudes the outward effects in my life that I’d rather not experience, which are only remnants of my former beliefs and certainly not the truth of who I really am.

I am grateful today and everyday for the reminder that God not only knew all the challenges that would come my way but he’s already equipped me with everything I need to deliver that TKO. 🙂

Share your thoughts in the comments: What are some of your positive affirmations and how do they affect your life?

Peace, Love & Affirmations,


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