My life has been forever changed after watching the live streaming video of Michael Bernard Beckwith’s service this past Sunday.  He introduced me to another dimension that I had yet to fully experience.  The topics he discussed were not new to me, but the way he discussed them, the depths that he reached literally BLEW MY MIND.

I thought I knew about the spiritual world before, but I know it in the depths of my soul now, which makes a world of difference!  I can feel my entire being changing each day with the new awareness I now have.  It’s only been two days since Sunday, but since then I’ve reached astounding levels!  It is a permanent and profound change that has me literally tingling and exploding from the inside out!  My meditation time has reached new heights and I am just so grateful for such an amazing experience.  This magnitude of power resounding within me reminds me of this piece I wrote a while ago and I feel compelled to share it now….


I am Divine

I ALWAYS know what to do

God is NOW showing me the way

I am joyful

I am happy

I am grateful


This simple prayer speaks volumes.  Its sound electrifies my ears, rushing through the complexities of my brain to immediately drop below my headspace, melting down into my center to enliven my spirit and penetrate my soul.  It wakes me up from the inside out and infuses my nostrils with the sweet fragrance of peace, wisdom, happiness and praise, as I take deep, deep breaths to slowly inhale all of its wonderful being.

Claiming my divinity allows me to constantly change the person that I am.  When I get lost in the distractions of life I find myself disconnected from my eternal, all providing Source which promotes tricks of the mind causing me to doubt myself, feel confused and chaotic, stress out over everything and live in constant frustration from one thing to the next.  Finally, when my patience for nonsense runs thin and I stop desperately pleading for help from God and instead proactively assert myself in the difficult areas of my life, one prayer comes to mind, “I Am Divine”.  When I utter that one phrase, it’s as if a magical fairy appears clothed in Divinity, tapping her miracle wand right down in the midst of it all, forcing any and all negativity to instantly dissipate.  She lifts my head, opens my eyes and puts a divine mirror in my face brushing away all my insecurities and failures that were blocking my sight.  She straightens up the curve in my back that caused me to look down on myself and reminds me to believe in the power within me.  She massages my shoulders, which relaxes me and allows me to relieve ALL stress.  She shows me the glowing image radiating from the essence of the true me, allowing my divine being to shine through which highlights my connection to God’s never-ending grace, love and blessings.  And with that, all is well.

It is evident from the impact of the very first line in the prayer that each line is quite powerful.  Proclaiming, “I always know what to do” breaks down barriers of indecision and hopelessness that sometimes overwhelm me.  At times I succumb to the turmoil of simply not knowing what to do or which way to go.  I create fret and worry in my entire being with the false belief that I have to figure things out on my own.  I myself am not enough.  I am learning to accept that with each obstacle I face.  Simply stating, “I ALWAYS know what to do” sends a message to the universal manager (aka God) to provide me with the power of decision and wisdom.  The more I take ownership of that statement, the more power rushes to me.  As I continue to grow and gain a deeper understanding of this concept, I’m learning to pay more attention to divine ideas of inspired action like reading personal and spiritual growth books, listening to inspirational calls, watching inspirational videos, reading articles, emails and websites all designed to get me in the right energy and mindset to create a life I love by making the right decisions for my life.

This prayer is one of my favorites because it reads like poetry.  Each line leads into the next.  The only reason “I ALWAYS know what to do” is because “God is NOW showing me the way”.  The first principle in John Randolph Price’s “10 Principles of Abundance” is, “God is lavish, unfailing abundance, the rich omnipresent substance of the universe.  This all providing source of infinite prosperity is individualized as me – the reality of me.” When we tap into the true meaning of these words and let them marinate into our souls we begin to truly understand (stand under) the power that lies within us because of the Almighty God.  He loves us enough to have created us and He cares enough to infuse us with His incredible and miraculous power.  Why would He lead us astray or leave us out in the wilderness to wander around aimlessly creating a life of destruction?  He is always showing us the way; we must simply TAP IN to His greatness.  Not only tap in, but also learn to TRUST God within us, ultimately learning to trust ourselves.  He speaks to us, through us.  We must trust that no matter how crazy or uncomfortable the steps God guides us to take may seem, they are to lead us to the divine ideal for our lives.

The last three lines, “I am joyful, I am happy, I am grateful,” describe what’s most important in this process which is to stay filled with positivity and gratefulness.  If we give place to impatience, worry, and doubt, we interrupt the positive vibes flowing toward us that will create the results we want.  We attract what we give off.  We must practice what we preach.  We can’t pray for order in our lives, self-control, discipline, productivity, prosperity, abundance, peace, happiness, and purposeful living and then exude chaos, craziness, doubt, worry, indecision, impatience and frustration.  That’s exactly what I’ve been doing lately, which is why I’m so grateful God reminded me of this prayer that was personalized just for me by my ever so patient and loving spiritual life coach, Valerie Love J

The most important lesson I seem to keep teaching myself with repeat occurrences that cause this lesson to reappear is: Staying positive and grateful are the keys to opening the doors to absolutely everything desired.  Dreams will come true, problems will be solved, questions will be answered and ways will be made if we simply become conscious of the Source of all there is and stay positive and grateful in the meantime.  It makes for a much simpler, peaceful and powerful life.

Claim Your Divinity!

Stay Connected!

Be Positive!

Give Thanks!

The more I write about this, the deeper it sinks into my consciousness and the more I grow.  I am immensely grateful for this opportunity.

Share your thoughts in the comments: Have you ever had a deeply spiritual experience that reminded you of your connection to the Divine?

Peace, Love & Divinity,


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