I finally did it!

Through all of my indecision, issues, and revelations during this natural hair transition, more than anything I just wanted to be ALL NATURAL.  August 11, 2010 is my date to remember!

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Cutting off the bone straight, dead weight, permed ends of my hair was definitely a liberating experience.  (And yes, as more of my natural hair started to grow in, my permed ends really did feel like dead weight especially when washing my hair.)

As a new natural, rocking my TWA (Teenie Weenie Afro – a term coined by the natural hair community), I have gained many forms of freedom…

Freedom of attachments: My first revelation during this process revealed that I was entirely too attached to the hype that my long, straight hair defined my beauty.  Now that my hair is the total opposite – short and curly – every time I look in the mirror, I see that I have officially redefined my beauty.  In my delusional days, I would envy women that could wear any hairstyle and still exude such beauty and style, completely detaching myself from that type of versatility.  I had not yet embraced the totality of my own beauty.  It feels good to know that I am naturally, effortlessly and interchangeably beautiful.

Freedom of mainstream society: Although I’ve heard and read that “going natural” seems to be the new trend these days, that was certainly not my reason for doing it.  My intention is to live by my own God-inspired rules instead of societal standards.  One of the new rules I’m following and my reason for going natural is to gain more unconditional self-love and acceptance. So if the new trend to “go natural” incorporates that rule I’ll gladly jump on the bandwagon!

Freedom of judgment: Recently a loved one made some comments which reminded me that the same flaws I was afraid to expose by cutting my hair are, in fact, revealed.  The good news is, I was totally unphased!  I simply accepted my flaws, knowingly, and went on about my day.  The beauty in my new attitude is defined as radical self-acceptance (as so eloquently put by my good friend Lila.  Check out her article “Radical Self-Acceptance”).  Every time I look at my new short, natural hair or my revealed flaws I say, “This is me!”  Releasing self-judgment allows the judgments of others to effortlessly roll off my back.  This definitely causes a boost in confidence!

Most of all, I AM FREE TO BE ME!

It feels great!

I must admit.  With all the greatness involved in becoming natural, there is definitely a huge adjustment period.  As you can see, it’s taken me over a month to reveal myself!  I’ve definitely had to get used to this short, natural hair.  Adjusting to the two drastic changes at once forces me to fully embrace my freedom statements so that instead of proclaiming them I am truly living them.  That is one of the main things I love about this whole process.  It ignites true authenticity and commitment to change.  Many times we proclaim we want to be different, but not until we physically thrust ourselves into a drastically different situation do we redirect our mind’s focus enough to truly create that change in our lives.

Change is GOOD.

As I delve deeper into acceptance, I must say, I love my natural curls!  I can’t keep my hands out of them!

Closeup of my curls

In regard to recruiting more naturals, I have been trying to figure out my position on this.  Here is what I’ve come up with:

Do you.  Love you the best way you know how.

Embracing my natural hair, I’ve learned to love myself on a new, deeper level and I’m loving it!  If you want to experiment with new ways to love yourself and would like to try the natural route, by all means, join me!

Different looks with my new hair!

Share your thoughts in the comments: What do you think of my ‘do? What are some of your freedom and self-love stories?

Peace, Love & Freedom,


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