Sesame Street is becoming my favorite show again!  Of course I loved it as a child.  I learned so much from their funny and entertaining characters.  I still remember some of the Sesame Street songs I grew up singing.  Now, I have a new favorite!

I’m sure you’ve heard (it’s pretty popular by now) Sesame Street has debuted a new song, “I Love My Hair”.  It has transcended the natural hair community and is inspiring people all over.  It shares a beautiful message of self-love and acceptance.

Taking it even further, here’s a video that gives an inside look at the creator and inspiration behind the song and character:

I read some comments about this video stating that it was a shame that a white man had to bring light to natural hair on Sesame Street.  I feel the total opposite.  I think it’s beautiful that not only a father made a tribute to his daughter, but that a human being is spreading the message of self-love and acceptance, starting with children.  I think this concept is critically important.  No matter what people are born with they should learn from a young age to love exactly who they are.  Not to mention the fact that the creation of this song paints such a beautiful picture of universal unity and love that one culture could be so sensitive to a challenging topic of another culture and use that to spread a universally uplifting message.

In case you haven’t seen the full video of this song, here it is!….  I find myself singing the chorus while I walk around the house lately!  I just love this song. 🙂

Share your thoughts in the comments: What do you think of the news report and new Sesame Street song?

Peace, Love & Hair!


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