I absolutely love “Know It’s Alright” by Jason Nelson for so many reasons.  It quickly became my favorite when I first got his album “Place of Worship”.

First of all, it’s so jazzy!  I love the groove of the song.  It will easily have you rocking to the beat and swaying to the bass while being lulled by the harmonies.  This song definitely feeds into my love for good music.

The most important aspect, of course, is the words.  The uplifting and affirmative messages in this song are priceless.  He starts off with “Know it’s alright, when things don’t work just how you like.”  This speaks to those inevitable experiences that we all encounter when things start to go wrong in life and it becomes easy to feel defeated. Sometimes it’s hard to look up and out of your situation to see a brighter day.  But in the moment, when everything is going wrong he says, “know it’s alright”, not “hope it’s alright” or “pray it’s alright” or even “think it’s alright”.  Know it.

For instance, you know that you are a human being.  You know that you are alive and breathing right now.  This concept even goes beyond belief.  You don’t believe that you are breathing, you know it.  Knowing pushes past the effort it takes to hope, pray, think or believe.  It becomes a part of you, so much so that it cannot be separated.  That is when the blessings start to flow, when you cannot be separated from the knowing that no matter how bad things may look around you, everything is always working together for your good.

The rest of the lyrics are even more powerful than the that.

This song is an instant inspiration for me every time I hear it.  I hope it uplifts you as well.  Enjoy!

Click on the title below to listen to the audio.  (It may take a few seconds to load when you first click on it.)

Know It’s Alright

If you are feeling this song like I am, you can purchase it here:

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Share your thoughts in the comments:  How has this (or any other) song helped you get out of a funky mood and keep the faith?

Peace, Love & Music,


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