In my teenage and young adult years, I used to always believe that any amazing dreams or ideas I had for myself wouldn’t come true because I had already thought of it.  My mind would play tricks on me telling me that the really amazing things just happened to people, so if I was already thinking it out in my mind I was canceling it out and those amazing things would never happen for me.

Now I know that the exact opposite is the truth. The mere fact that God blessed me with such amazing ideas and big, seemingly impossible dreams is so that He can bless me with the desires of my heart.  God is bigger than my biggest dreams and He only wants the absolute best for my life. My job is to BELIEVE in them with all my might and they will have no choice but to come true.

What is the one thing that you always told yourself would never happen to you? What would happen if it actually came true?  The only difference between the two is your belief.

Lesson of the Day

Dream BIG!  Life is too short to live small.

BELIEVE in yourself.  You are your most valuable asset.

“Sometimes your vision won’t make sense to people because its too big for small minds. #KeepItToYourself and make it happen” (from Angela Simmons on Twitter)

“We all have a spark that can rock our world, turning it into the stuff made of dreams.” – Vishen Lakhiani, Finer Minds



Daily Affirmations

I believe in the good, and I expect good to come forth, for I rely on God’s power to adjust and to prosper all my affairs.

All of my dreams come true because I believe in them and deserve them.

I am committed to my fantasy life.

God blesses me with my dreams and the manifestation of them.


Share your thoughts in the comments: What keeps you from living your dreams?

Peace, Love & Dreams,


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