Transformation is not becoming a brand new person, it’s stripping away all of the elements of life that made you forget who you were in the first place.

There are many obsessions and addictions in this world that simply distract us from who we truly are.  Somewhere down the line we were taught that who we are is just not enough.  As a result we spend our time and energy obsessed with being just like someone else because we must be better than who we are.  Or we tend to lose ourselves in the many forms of addiction, in an attempt to escape the reality of who we don’t want to be.

“We are too busy becoming to just be who we are.” – Andrea Hess

I spent most of my life wearing a mask of perfection, displaying this perfect version of myself to the world, believing that all of my flaws should remain hidden, even from my dearest friends.  The truth is, the only person I was hiding from was myself.  I wore that mask as I looked in the mirror and I didn’t even know it.  It became so much a part of me that it almost got stuck.  I had to do some deep digging to finally get it off.

Now I am able to stand in my authenticity.  I’m teaching myself to be consciously aware of all aspects of myself, the good, the bad, the beautiful, the ugly, the great and the down right trifling.  Everyday my confidence grows.  Everyday I gain more clarity.  Everyday I get closer to the absolute truth of who I really am.  The more of the negative I accept about myself, the more I’m able to shed it.  The more I embrace my greatness, the more confident I feel to share it.

I believe that we were all put on this earth to serve the world for a higher purpose.  We were all created uniquely great and powerful to add substance, life, and creativity to existence.  We will not be able to successfully fulfill our greatest potential in life if we are constantly distracted from the truth of our being.  It is imperative to take time to find out exactly who you are, embrace the full spectrum of colors that make you complete (for the spectrum would not be complete without the light and the dark), as well as explore and develop your gifts so that you can better serve the world…. Do all of this so that when all is said and done, you can just BE.

Share your thoughts in the comments: How have you noticed yourself not being who you truly are or accepting yourself as you are?

Peace, Love, & Authenticity,


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