In the wake of all of the bad weather that has traumatized much of the country recently, I think it’s important to remember that something beautiful can always come from craziness.  It’s your perception of the situation that determines how it affects you.

I found two videos that embody this principle and I feel they make for great inspiration.

The first video is hilarious with a positive message, reminding people that when you exercise the ability to make the best of whatever life throws at you, an abundant life is always possible.  I love Josh Sundquist.  I watch his videos all the time.  He’s a popular youtuber and motivational speaker who teaches on how to overcome adversity.  What makes him so influential is his funny and engaging personality, his positive mindset and outlook on life, and his ability to inspire others to demolish the concept of disability.

Funny Inspiration


The second video is a truly powerful reminder that creativity can inspire even the bleakest of circumstances. In case you can’t tell when watching the video, the dancers in the orange are incarcerated.  Instead of just giving up, they’ve used their time and energy to come together in a creative way to inspire others.  Beautiful.  This one literally brings me to tears.

Creative Inspiration


I hope you enjoyed the videos.  Have a wonderful weekend!

Share your thoughts in the comments: What inspired you most about these videos?  Do they make you think twice about the way you handle your own personal crappy situations?

Peace, Love, & Lemonade,


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