Many people live their lives unconsciously, never growing or evolving.  They get stuck in a mundane lifestyle, doing what they’ve always done because they base life off of what they were originally taught.  Although they may physically age with time, they don’t consciously participate in their own personal growth, which would require them to take the time to challenge their original beliefs, expand their minds to new concepts, or evolve into better human beings.  They just go along with life, doing what they think they are supposed to do according to societal standards, never really getting the best out of life.

I think it’s important to constantly grow, evolve, and challenge the status quo to be sure to find your own truth in the world, and if for no other reason to get the most out of life.  Life treats you so much better when you choose to live it to the fullest, through exploration and constant growth, instead of simply existing for the sake of it.

This week’s song, “Green Leaves” by Raheem Devaughn addresses this concept beautifully.  He reminds us to keep growing like green leaves.

In the process of personal growth, it is imperative to take heed of wise words instead of brushing them off as cliches.  These same words fueled the greats of our past, so it’s beneficial to pay attention.

Speaking of wise words, this is my favorite verse in the song…

“To have it you gotta see it

To talk it you gotta be it

There’s no if, no ands, or buts

If you claim it you can attain it

What was made shall be

And that’s the law of the Universe

Channel your light

Use insight

And remember you’re a precious gift

Take the good with the bad

The tears with the laughs

And always be positive

And keep growing…”

Without further ado, click on the song title below to enjoy it for yourself.  (After clicking on the link, you will have to click on the underlined song title one more time to hear the song.)

Green Leaves

As long as you’re living, there’s always an opportunity to grow.

You can add this song to your own playlist by purchasing it below:

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Share your thoughts in the comments: What are some of your favorite songs with positive messages?

Peace, Love, & Music,


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