For the past couple of years I have been on a quest to create the life of my dreams.  In the process, I’ve had to totally disassemble the life I thought I wanted in order to rebuild a life that is more fulfilling.

During the restructuring of my life, I have adopted new ways of thinking and living.  I’ve learned to get what you want out of life, it’s important to live a life of gratefulness.  That can be tricky because when you are creating or attracting anything new into your life, it’s easy to slip into a place of perpetual wanting.  In the manifestation process you are constantly visualizing, planning for, working towards, and in many cases even craving the new and better experiences for your life.  Although it’s good to dream big and strive for more in life, it’s important to stay mindful and grateful for your current life.

When we slip into this perpetual wanting state, it inevitably keeps us there.  Have you ever noticed, “If it’s not one thing, it’s another.”  This is because we tend to focus on what we don’t want or what’s wrong with our lives, which is why we are trying to create new and better lives in the first place.  The problem with this way of thinking is that we are powerful creators of our own experiences.  According to the law of attraction, when we put our time, energy, and focus on what we feel is bad or not good enough, in turn we get more experiences that match those feelings.  So this negates the process of trying to create change.

When we learn to stop and smell the roses of our lives, we won’t particularly mind it if we get pricked by the thorns.

No matter what you may be trying to change about yourself or gain more of in your life, it is important to always be grateful for what you have and see the good that is already in your life.  That is a key component to successfully creating the life you want.  When you can be fully grateful for what you already have, once again the law of attraction is set into action, bringing you more things and experiences to be grateful for.

My mom is constantly reminding me of this Bible verse, “I am not saying this because I am in need, for I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances.” – Philippians 4:11 (NIV).  Through constant prayer and meditation, I am finally able to fully embrace that statement.  Recently I have been finding joy in the everyday moments of life.  The simple things, that aren’t anything out of the ordinary, have truly been enjoyable and happy moments for me.  I even found myself feeling immensely grateful for the things that I would normally take for granted or even complain about.  I realized that in those joyful moments I didn’t want for anything and I was truly grateful just for the experience.  I believe that a life of bliss and fulfillment is filled with a string of those precious moments.

When we learn to simply shift our focus, we can more easily keep in mind that life is awesome.  The fact that we are alive and breathing… The fact that the world exists and we are blessed to be in it… The fact that we live in an era where we have access to absolutely anything at our finger tips… These are all miracles that should be celebrated and appreciated every single day.  We have plenty to marvel at in this world, so why waste time complaining?

Speaking of complaining, check out this video…

That video was funny, but SO REAL!

We have got to learn to appreciate life for what it is and what we have in it.

So my new goal is to grab hold of those blissful, everyday moments of life and revel in their greatness more often.  It feels good to stop in the moment and fully experience a great laugh or adventurous moments of the day.  That is the difference between saying I’m grateful for things in my life, and truly living a life of gratefulness.


Always remain grateful for the constant and current blessings, while expressing sincere gratitude for the ever-increasing abundance in all areas of your life.

Share your thoughts in the comments: What can you do more of today to truly appreciate life? And what are some of your favorite ways to enjoy the life you have?

Peace, Love & Life,


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