To piggy back on yesterday’s post Know Your Truth, I wanted to share this article, “How to Be Happy”.  I came across the link to this article on one of my favorite blogs, and I found it so powerful that I felt compelled to share it.

Enjoy the article below…


“How to Be Happy” by H. H. Sri Swami Satchidananda (Article Source)

If you observe carefully, throughout nature you will find one common goal in everybody and everything—even in the atom. All are searching for happiness. In the case of human beings you see hundreds of efforts of various forms. The common purpose behind all these efforts is the search for happiness.

The goal is approached by many in different ways. Some people want to be happy quickly, so they take short cuts and get temporary happiness, but borrowed joy comes and goes. The happiness that we seem to be getting by our daily efforts is fleeting and mixed with a lot of troubles, worries, and unhappiness. Happiness cannot come without unhappiness before and after.

It’s better to say, “I am happy,” than, “I want to be happy.” The minute you say, “I want to be happy,” that very want disturbs the mind. And suppose the want is fulfilled? How many people go crazy over a small piece of paper, a stamp printed some one hundred years ago? They pay thousands of dollars to get that piece of paper. They give value to it and struggle to obtain it. If you are caught up in this, you’ll say, “I can’t be happy without the stamp.” So you pay the price. Then you say, “Ah, I got it.” It’s simple enough. First you said, “I want it.” After all the effort you say, “I got it.” Where are you now? The same place you were before you wanted it. Happy.

You were happy before you wanted the stamp. The moment you wanted it, you became unhappy. And the moment you got it, you were happy again. Where did the happiness come from? The thing by itself didn’t give you any happiness. You regained the happiness when you took the want back or when you fulfilled the cavity or depression created by the want.

When we finally tire of searching for happiness outside, we sit quietly and analyze and realize that true and lasting happiness can never come from outside. It can’t come because it simply is. You are Happiness personified. You are that Supreme Bliss. You are that Joy. You are the image of happiness. God is the one who is always happy, and you are the image of God.

When you forget your true nature and look for happiness in external ways, that is the basic ignorance. The aim of all the Yoga practices is to stop anything from disturbing the mind so that it can reflect the Peace and Joy that is your true nature.

After reading this article it came to me how much advertising plays into that “wanting” he mentions.  My first thought was that all of these TV commercials induce these wanting feelings in us, ultimately creating some form of unhappiness in millions of consumers.  But when I thought about it again, it’s really not fair to blame sources outside of ourselves for our own unhappiness.  We are the masters of our feelings.  We are the ones in control.  So based on the article above, a new way of thinking while watching the commercials about the best and newest items on the market, is to look at them as a great addition to your wonderful life, instead of something you have to have to make your life better.  In the grand scheme of things your life is already blessed, it’s all a matter of perspective.  So when you focus on what’s already good in your life, if you happen to acquire the shiny new toys from the TV commercials, realize they are just the cherry on top and your beautiful life is the delicious chocolate sundae.

Share your thoughts in the comments: What can you focus on now in your life that will keep you grateful and happy?

Peace, Love, & Happiness,


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