When I first started watching the news reports about the recent tsunami and earthquake, I felt incredibly sorrowful for the people of Japan.  As the days passed on and their situations worsened, I began to feel hopeless.  It made me start to question everything, like… Why do earthquakes even happen?  And why must people continue to die senselessly in the name of natural disasters?

This week I was reminded of some old school advice my mom has given me for years, “Getting upset about it won’t change anything.”  When I was younger, statements like that pissed me off even more because I always felt I had the right to be upset about exceptionally challenging situations.  In actuality, that advice holds true.  Feeling bad and getting upset about horrible circumstances won’t change anything, and in fact it makes things worse.

The same goes for the crisis in Japan.  It’s common to take on feelings of distress, worry, and sorrow when hearing of such tragedy.  People even feel obligated to sympathize with others, sharing in their painful feelings as a way to relate and support.  The truth is, sharing in someone else’s pain only spreads more negative energy around.  Everything is energy.  Let me say that again, everything is energy. So when you look at things on an energetic level, the best thing to do for someone else when they are in pain or suffering is to overpower their negative feelings with positive and loving energy of your own so that healing can begin.

Many times we think we are inspired by our sympathetic feelings to give to others in need.  No matter how bad we may feel for others in despair, the inclination to give comes from an inkling of hope that things can get better.  When we stop dwelling on the disaster, we feel compelled to give out of expectation for a more positive outcome.  It’s simply an inner shift of focus from negative to positive.

Inside all of us, beneath all of the conscious thoughts we may have about the world and how or why it works the way it does, there is a belief in love, harmony, peace, and prosperity for all.  We see glimpses of this shared belief every time one of these disasters wreaks havoc on life as we know it.  People come together all across the world and give out of the love in their hearts.  The key is to capitalize on that strength and love which connects us all.  We have to stop focusing on what’s wrong with the world and start sending as much love as possible to all areas in need.  It’s a matter of dropping our consciousness from our mind and ego to our heart and soul.

If every time we watch the news we feel devastated all over again and fearful of how much worse things can get, we are NOT helping the situation.  All areas of weakness and destruction are opportunities for the strong to step up and give what they can.  Every single person alive can give LOVE.  If you can’t move one bone in your body, if you don’t have one penny in your bank account, if everything you’ve ever known has been taken from you, you still have the capability to GIVE LOVE.  Out of the 24 hours in a day, you can take a few minutes to think of all the people in the world who are in more need than you, and SEND THEM LOVE.

You can even take it a step further.  Every time you turn on the news, no matter what the story is or where in the world it is, when you hear of problems happening, SEND LOVE.  Stop taking everything you hear and creating a negative opinion about the state of the world.  Turn it all into an opportunity to send love.  It’s time we become more conscious of how often we send negative energies into the universe with our thoughts and feelings so that we can be more responsible for the effects we have on the world.

The universe is multidimensional.  We can not limit our focus to physicality.   We must begin to pay attention to all dimensions, including the energetic properties, that indeed influence our experiences.

After my revelation this week, I have started to send loving energy to Japan every time I hear the latest news report.  I made a conscious decision to release the fear, sorrow, and hopelessness I was feeling and replace them all with LOVE.  I encourage you all to do the same.

Close your eyes.

Open your Heart.

Send Love.

If you would like to also send love financially you can send donations to the American Red Cross.

Share your thoughts in the comments: What do you think about the negative effects of the news?  How do you send love to areas in need?

Peace, Love, & MORE Love,


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