In the wake of all that is happening around the world, “Stand Up For Love” by Destiny’s Child sends the perfect message.  I feel strongly that as we watch the news and see all of the devastation that is going on, we need to do our part, which is to pour loving energy from our hearts into the world.  Today’s song is an extension of my latest post, Send Loving Energy to Japan, where I explain the importance of love over worry and how the energies we emit effect the universe as a whole.

To Japan, to Libya…. Send love to ALL who need it, no matter their location, no matter the level of their pain.

Enjoy and I hope this message speaks to you today.

Add this song to your playlist so that you will constantly have a reminder to send love all over the world, as often as possible:

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Share your thoughts in the comments: What songs give you hope and inspire positive energy when thinking of the world?

Peace, Love, & Music,


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