Oh 30! How I’ve loved thee!

You opened a new chapter in my life,

Introducing me to the REAL ME

Delivering my heart and mind from strife.

It’s ironic how I dreaded our meeting in years past

But since we’ve met

I have yet to regret

Your wisdom that will forever last.

You have filled my days with purpose and bliss

Inspiring me with joy unspeakable,

You’ve shown me a love I simply can’t resist

Taking me to heights I once thought unreachable.

You took your time teaching me gratitude and patience

While giving me the strength and courage I needed,

You flexed your muscles when my ego required maintenance

Ensuring my growth would not be impeded.

You ushered me into a new realm of Spirituality

That was previously left untouched,

Connecting me to my Divine reality

30, You are just too much!

This past year has been one for the books

Calling for celebration songs from my ipod,

I’m so overwhelmed, I need a second look

To see this year-long gift from my God!

(My birthday is April 3rd! Woo hoo!)

I am so grateful for the past year I’ve had and even more excited about my future! Hello 31!

Thank God for birthdays! What a beautiful excuse to celebrate life!

Have a beautiful weekend everyone, filled with joy, love, and laughter – all in the name of my birthday! LOL

Share your thoughts in the comments: How has 30 treated you?

Peace, Love, & Happy Birthdays!


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