I just love this song. These lyrics speak forgiveness, compassion, perseverance, and abundant living.

“Tell me what you see when I pass by.

A shadow, a cloud or a light in the sky?

Am I gettin’ it wrong or am I gettin’ it right?

Well all I can take is one, one step at a time.

Look at me, I’m tryin’,

Everyday, I fall down, make mistakes,

Get back up, try again,

Next time that you see me,

I’m walkin’, I’m walkin’ I’m walkin’…”

So many times we judge ourselves and others too harshly for the mistakes we make everyday.  The important thing to remember is that everyone is on a journey, no one is perfect, and as long as you get back up and keep moving forward you can’t go wrong.

While you’re on your journey:

  • Remember to forgive yourself as you make mistakes, you’re only human.
  • No matter how many times you fall down, always get back up and try again.  Your journey doesn’t end until you do.
  • Have compassion for others when you see them fall down, you know how it feels to fall down too, don’t you?
  • And the ultimate blessing is to become aware that God is walking with you, to ensure you are on the right path.

Be blessed today, and KEEP WALKING!

Enjoy Mary Mary as they keep you grooving to these great lessons…

Stay encouraged to keep walking with this song on your playlist:

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Share your thoughts in the comments: What songs keep you motivated to keep moving toward your goals?

Peace, Love, & Music,


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