Today is the perfect day to celebrate the beautiful earth we’ve been blessed with.  It’s important that we honor, care for, and give back to our universal home, for it indeed continues to give us plenty.

I haven’t always, but now I send loving and healing energies all over the earth everyday in my prayer and meditation time.  I believe that no matter how bad things may look, everything works together for the highest good of all.  If more people began to believe in the beauty and preservation of our land, we could truly heal the world.

My favorite ways to take care of the earth are recycling and being a stickler for not littering.  I have been known to be a litter Nazi lol.  I used to call my friends out for littering like they did something to me personally.  And I still to this day have a strict policy of no littering in my presence! lol  I don’t know what it is, it just creeps me out to see trash on the ground or anywhere other than the trashcan.  There’s a place for it to go people! 🙂

Be inspired today to give the earth a hand…

To participate in Earth Day activities today, click here: Earth Day

Share your thoughts in the comments: What do you do for the earth?  What are your favorite ways to take care it?

Peace, Love, & Healing the World,


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