Happy Easter Monday!  I hope everyone had a beautiful Easter.

Today I wanted to bring light to a different way of looking at the symbolism of Easter.  It is widely known that Easter is synonymous with Jesus raising from the dead.  Let’s make this concept more practical by applying it to our own lives.  What parts of you need to be laid to rest, and what new things will you step into?

For me, this past weekend I have been working on laying strongholds in my mind to rest.  I am finding that this is constant work and no matter how hard I’ve worked on it in the past, it’s necessary to continue to lay old thinking to rest.  Displaying my determination, I am stepping into my new season (or arising from the dead weight of my life, if you will, and walking in my new way of thinking and being) by striving to stay in the Divine Flow of my life, where blissful experiences are frequent and fulfilling.

So as this Spring season continues to unfold, allowing us to enjoy the beautiful lush green leaves that have emerged from the rainy days, let’s express our gratefulness for the gracious “April showers” for washing away our old ways so that we can bask in the beauty of the “May flowers” of our lives.

Enjoy this live audio version of “New Season” by Martha Munizzi and Israel Houghton as a celebration of a new season of power and prosperity over your life…

Celebrate your new season anytime with this song on your playlist:

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Share your thoughts in the comments: What parts of you need to be laid to rest, and what new things will you step into?  What are you expecting to experience in your new season?

Peace, Love, & New Season,


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