Happy Friday!

I am so excited to write about Beyonce’s new video.  First of all, she is my girl.  I totally respect and admire her talent, drive, and beauty.  I especially love it when she does inspirational and empowering songs that really have a great influence on people.

Recently Beyonce created a new video for the First Lady, Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move!” Campaign – America’s Move to Raise a Healthier Generation of Kids (for more information on this campaign click here: Let’s Move).

In honor of getting kids (and everyone else really) more active while having fun in the process, she has remade her song, “Get Me Bodied” and turned it into, “Move Your Body”.

I just LOVE this video!  First of all “Get Me Bodied” was me and my friends’ theme song for 2007.  Everywhere we went we had to dance to that song!  It just makes you feel good to “let it go and dance all night”.  And the fact that she has now made this into a video encouraging young people to dance, have a good time, and keep moving for a healthier lifestyle is amazing.  She incorporates dance moves and music from all genres and even gives the American flag a shout out.

Check it out!

Share your thoughts in the comments: What did you think of the video?

Peace, Love, & Dance!


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