A miracle is defined as an effect or extraordinary event in the physical world that surpasses all known human or natural powers and is ascribed to a supernatural cause.  If a miracle is ALL that, why in the world would I say, “Believe in miracles everyday?”  Everyday?  That seems a bit excessive and unrealistic, doesn’t it?

Well, first let’s break down what it really means to believe in a miracle.  In the “real world” it’s easy and comfortable and even automatic to rely on logic and reason.  In fact, this is how most people are taught to live.  It makes sense to rely on the practicality of the physical and mental aspects of life.  The problem with this way of thinking is that it relies solely on human ability.  Humans are limited.  The purpose of life is to coexist with God.  And let me clarify, this is not religion specific.  Every single person on the planet is animated by the Divine Holy Spirit.  And so this physical life we live would not even be possible without the Spirit that resides within us.  To live life only in reliance of the physical and mental is to ignore the most important and powerful part of who you are.

The reality of the “real world” is, the spiritual world, the extraordinary, and the supernatural that miracles speak of are all just as real as the physical.  To believe in miracles is to fully believe in and have a relationship with the Spirit within you, so as to consciously co-create your life as a mixture of the spiritual and physical worlds.

There are many misconceptions of “spiritual living” because there is always a push to one extreme or the other.  Many believe that to be truly spiritual, one must be constantly ethereal and “monk-like”.  And then on the other end, if a person decided to pursue prosperity in the physical world, they are deemed “worldly” and automatically “non-spiritual”.

But when you think about it, there is a reason the Divine Spirit lives WITHIN us all.  The creator of everything could have easily left the spiritual world detached and floating above human life.  But then what would have been our purpose?  Puppets??  We were created not only with free will so we can make our own decisions in life, but also with the power of Divine Spirit who is limitless, all-powerful and infinitely loving and prosperous, for the purpose of relationship between the spiritual and the physical.

So why did I just go into this elaborate, deep explanation of spirituality?  Because to believe in miracles is to believe in a power greater than yourself.  It is to believe in limitless possibilities.  It is to believe wholeheartedly in your relationship with God and the Divine Spirit within you to bring your deepest desires to life.  It is to live consciously aware that this abundant, supernatural, extraordinary Spirit is always with you, loving you through life and constantly providing blessings and miracles for you to experience.

To only rely on human abilities is to deprive yourself of true freedom and abundance.  To only base your actions on logic and mental ability is to live in fear of what may never happen or what could never possibly happen.  This is such a common thought process.  I noticed it in myself recently.  I realized that I was thinking in fear as I thought of the things that I REALLY want – you know, those things that seem totally unrealistic, and if I did ever reach them it would be a LONG time from now.  What I was really doing was pushing them far away from me, putting this huge gap between us.  “A Course in Miracles” teaches that a miracle is simply a shift in perception from seeing things in fear to seeing them in love.   So instead of seeing desirables as impossible to reach, or too far away to try for, or too big to even think about (which translates as fear of the unknown), a miracle would be to see all of those things through the loving eyes of the all-powerful, infinitely abundant Divine Spirit within us who WANTS us to have the very desires of our hearts.

Changing our perception to one of believing in miracles removes the gap between us and absolutely ALL possibilities.  Our mind and our perception are the only things in the way of our intimate relationship with God.  If we would simply pay attention to the Divine Spirit that resides within us in our everyday decisions and actions, miracles are waiting for us.

And why everyday?  Because tomorrow is not promised.

Live your life NOW.

Take advantage of every moment.

What if you woke up every morning and said, “Today is my day for a miracle!”  How much different would your day be?  What if this was your true belief and not something you just hoped or wished for.  If you believe it’s gonna be a long day because it’s Monday, or that you can relax a little more because it’s Friday, what would happen if you believe in your miracle because it’s Today?

In other words, why NOT everyday? Is your life not worth a miracle a day?  What would be your reason for taking a break from miracles?  Do you think you’d get tired of them?  What would happen is that miracles would become natural.  The extraordinary would become ordinary.  How beautiful a life would that be!  Instead of expecting disappointments to be normal occurrences and miracles to be unreachable, everything would be in reverse.

Don’t waste your days waiting on miracles to happen sometime down the line, or watching others live their dreams on TV and separating yourself from them.  Believe in your own miracles everyday.  That’s the only way they will come true for you.  Tap into that limitless, abundant Spirit within that is waiting to make all your dreams come true.  Ever since I checked my negative and fearful thinking at the door, I envision every single thing I want as an absolute possibility for me every single day.

Life is a smorgasbord of possibilities!  Miracles are possible for you everyday.  All you have to do is believe.

Share your thoughts in the comments: Do you believe in miracles?  What keeps you from believing that your biggest dream will come true?

Peace, Love, & Miracles,


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