Today is June 1st.  Along with the fun feelings and unofficial start of Summer activities that the beginning of June brings, also comes the realization that this is officially the mid-way point of the year.  It’s crazy to think of how fast time is flying by.

Although this time of year tends to bring on a wind down mentality, it’s also important to revisit your goals for the year to check your progress, tweak them if necessary, and step up your game in areas of need.


Tips for Year-end Goal Achievement:

– First things first, give yourself props for the progress you’ve made thus far.  Celebrate yourself! Take that time off you’ve been hoping for and treat yourself to a wonderful vacation.  You deserve it!  For me, when I look back on the progress I’ve made this year, I’m quite impressed.  Even if I didn’t reach all the goals I thought I would have by June, I’m happy to see I’ve done more this year than I did last year and I’m steadily moving forward.  That’s all that matters and it’s worth a celebration!

– Set monthly goals.  I’ve recently learned that this is a great practice to create a vision of what you want each month to look like for you.  Even if you decide to do a 60 or 90-Day Challenge, still specify goals you want to reach each month.  It brings your goal achievement even closer and makes it more reachable when you break things down into smaller time frames.  You can also do a vision board for each month.  I’m doing one for June and I’m loving it!  Make sure when writing down your monthly goals and picking out the pictures and words for your vision board, you zero in on how great it feels to accomplish those goals.  Wrap yourself in the feelings of each achievement and that will fuel your progress.

– Get yourself a Goal Achievement Partner!  It feels amazing to be surrounded by other people who are striving to achieve goals in their life as well. You all can keep each other accountable and share success or struggle stories.  It really makes a difference when you have someone on your side going through the same things you are.  It’s just like having a running buddy!

Step your game up.  I started this year off with that same message and it helped me then, but it has a different meaning now.  At the time I needed the encouragement to just keep moving forward.  Now the message is move UP.  It’s time to recommit.  I heard this message recently – when you think you’ve given it your all, you can still give a little more.  Even a marathon runner gets another burst of energy when they can see the finish line.  Well folks, the finish line of this year is getting closer by the day, so it’s time to give even more energy and effort to make sure we pull out a win at the end of the year!

– I know I say this all the time but, STAY POSITIVE!  There’s nothing like self-pity, discouragement, or depression to keep you stuck or even moving backwards.  The key is to KEEP MOVING and the only way to do that is to stay optimistic about the fact that your biggest goals and dreams are possible for you if you just BELIEVE .

For more tips on goal setting and achievement, to get ideas for creating a challenge for yourself from some of the challenges I’ve done this year, and for encouragement to keep doing it all, click here to check out the Self Progression Category.

I will leave you with one of my favorite songs of encouragement that I’ve already posted as a Song of the Week.  “Walking” by Mary Mary reminds you that no matter where you are in your life, everyone falls down from time to time. Just make sure you get back up and KEEP WALKING toward all your goals and dreams.

Have a beautiful Summer and I wish everyone much success!

Share your thoughts in the comments: What is the hardest part about reaching your goals?  How do you feel about your progress so far?  What would help you the most in achieving your goals?

Peace, Love, & Progress!


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