Happy Hump Day!  It’s time for a little child-like motivation today.

There’s no better motivation than that of a child.  Children have the ability to light up a room and bring joy to any situation.  They exude an untapped innocence, a since of hope and exhilaration that can brighten anyone’s day.  Simply being exactly who they are proves to be an invaluable treasure.

As an adult, life can weigh you down or beat you up to the point that you forget the places within yourself that still hold the same qualities of the children that make you smile everyday.  It’s important to tap into that inner child often to free yourself of the limitations your adult mind tends to hold on to.  It’s good to also have tangible reminders of what that really feels like.

Check out what has to be the most adorable kid ever!  He inspires me in so many ways.

Ok, first of all, how cute is “I feel happy of myself!”  And I love how he had to get up on his “platform” when it was time for him to give encouragement to other kids trying to ride their bikes.  Did you see him step up on the grass when his dad asked him for some words of wisdom?  He took his roll of “mini motivational speaker” seriously! LOL

What I love the most about this incredible little boy is how he immediately went to “believe in yourself” to teach little kids how to ride a bike.  You can almost feel his excitement over finally accomplishing his goal, something he most-likely previously thought impossible.  But his determination and practice made it possible for him and he is beaming with pride!

His message is inspirational for anyone trying to achieve any goal.  The beauty of watching him is that he reminds you of how good it feels to finally believe in yourself enough to succeed.  Children reach new levels so frequently in their young age because they are constantly growing with open and adventurous minds and spirits, so they are easily molded in new and different ways.  As adults, we have to tap back into that openness of children instead of being so closed off to change.  When we begin to live life in the spirit of our inner child, our life achievements won’t be so few and far between.  We will grow in leaps and bounds and success will be inevitable.

Believe in yourself today! When you think of your goals, hold on to that adorable little boy’s enthusiasm.  And as you go about your day embrace the joy that this video brings! 🙂

Share your thoughts in the comments: What did you think of the video?  What inspires you to believe in yourself?

Peace, Love, & Inspiration,


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