Normally I would send a message about bliss to my Bliss Fest subscribers, but I wanted to share this with everyone.

As you may know, my bliss is very important to me.  I strive to experience blissful moments all the time.  I feel that life is just better if I can enjoy it to the fullest as often as possible.

Recently, I realized how easy it can be to experience blissful moments in peaceful and beautiful environments vs. how few and far between they can be in more chaotic circumstances.

In case you are in a chaotic or undesirable situation more often than not, here are some step-by-step tips to get you to a place of bliss so that the outside forces won’t affect you so negatively.

1.  First you must determine whether or not you truly want to be free of the chaos or if you have allowed yourself to become complacent with it. It may seem like an obvious choice, but many times people choose the chaos because it’s normal.  If it’s an everyday occurrence or a familiar lifestyle to you because of the people in your life or your surroundings, you may have just decided to accept it because “that’s just the way things are.”  If this is you, you have to decide if you are truly willing to change your experience.  Believe it or not, you are in control of how your experiences affect you.

2.  Your second step is to decide if you are willing to do what it takes to get to your bliss. This step may sound redundant to the first, but it is far from it.  Many people get stuck at step one.  They decide they want a change so their new mindset is to constantly complain about things because they want the change (I was stuck at this step for YEARS).  But when it comes to actually taking action on the things you want, that’s a whole different ball game.  Your desire for more blissful experiences instead of chaotic ones has to be so strong that you will be willing to take consistent action with a strong determination to make sure you get what you want.  Gaining bliss is no different than accomplishing any goal.  It takes effort and persistence after you’ve developed your desire and will.

3.  Now we can get to the action.  Pull yourself away from your current chaotic conditions. To be able to fully experience your bliss, it is imperative to separate yourself from the energies that cause you stress and strain.  However difficult it may be, take some time for yourself to be away from the norm.  You deserve it.

4.  Take yourself to a place you know, without a shadow of a doubt, will bring you unspeakable joy and unshakable serenity. If you have only reached that state on vacation, experiment.  You may need to take some quiet time to figure out where your bliss places may be.  Close your eyes, take some deep breaths, quiet your mind as much as you can and ask yourself where you could go to experience such bliss.  If you already know, take yourself there immediately.  Make sure that it is a place that is free and easily accessible.  There should be no excuses why you can’t get to it.  For me, the park is one of my favorite bliss places.  Just sitting in the midst of natural beauty really connects me to overwhelming peace and happiness.

5.  When you get to your bliss place, be fully present in that space. Don’t let the normal worries or stress cloud your mind.  Completely embrace the wonderful feelings and thoughts you are experiencing in your bliss place.  Take it all in.  Allow yourself to open up to your experience.  Stay there for a while until you become so full with your bliss that it is bursting from your seams.  This practice starts the “bottling” process.  You begin to lock in your bliss so that it becomes a part of who you are.

6.  When you are ready to go, take with you your bottle of blissful thoughts and feelings, as well as the blissful energy that fills you up and surrounds you. You now have a secret weapon stashed in your back pocket whenever stress tries to creep in.  Those bliss moments are yours to keep.  You own them.  Wherever it is you go to get your bliss on could be total hell for someone else.  The fact that you experienced bliss there is your own personal blessing.  So own that, and know that it is yours for the keeping.  Be grateful that you were even capable of experiencing it and hold on to what is rightfully yours.

7. When the inevitable stress and chaos start up, whip out your bottle of bliss. lol Go to a bathroom if possible, or another quiet room, close your eyes, take some deep breaths, and breathe in your personal stash of blissful feelings.  See the scenery in your mind that made you feel so good before, smell the smells that tickled your nose and brought you so much pleasure, and tap into that blissful energy all over again.  This will give you a coat of armor against all nonsense.  When you take the time to indulge in such a vivid visualization, actually putting yourself back in your previous experience, you recreate the same energy that brought you so much pleasure, even in the midst of chaos.  This makes your bliss mobile so that you don’t have to be totally dependent on your bliss place.  And as we all know, energy is contagious.  You can feel people’s energy all the time whether it’s good or bad.  So as you start to take this time to fill yourself up, the blissful energy you now embody will begin to not only protect you and your feelings, but it will begin to spill off of you onto everyone and everything else, creating a ripple effect of bliss.

Now this ripple effect may take some time, that’s why you’ve got to be consistent.  But while you are waiting for it to take effect on your outside circumstances, your insides will be reaping all the benefits.  It’s best to focus on yourself anyway, because you are the only one you ultimately have control over.

As you start to get used to your bliss feelings, you will realize that they are way more important and rewarding than focusing on whatever is wrong with your outside circumstances.  You will begin to handle your situations with more joy, more tolerance, more of a pleasant outlook on everything.  Solutions will even come to you with more ease and frequency because  the positive mindset and energy you possess opens you up to an unlimited source of wisdom and guidance.

So as you can see, it pays to stay blissful!  The key message here is to find your bliss, hold on to it, and use it when you need to.  It doesn’t have to be reserved for rare and special occasions.  You can use the benefits of it in your everyday life, no matter what circumstances you face.

Share your thoughts in the comments: Do you have any unique bliss tips that you use in chaotic surroundings?  What are your favorite places to go that bring you bliss?

Peace, Love, and Bliss!


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