As you may know, I was recently on vacation visiting my family in Dallas, Texas.  I had an amazing time and I have some great pictures that really capture it.

Looking at those pictures and remembering the great times made me realize how grateful I am to have had those experiences.  That trip was literally miraculous for me.  I was incredibly blessed to even go, and while I was there I experienced numerous blessings and miracles, not to mention great conversations, laughs, and bonding with my family.

Basking in the glory of my wonderful trip, I felt compelled to create an Abundant Living album on my Facebook Page.  It is important to document and cherish the great times you experience.  Don’t take lightly the blessing of abundantly fulfilling times in your life.

I encourage you to create an Abundant Living album of your own! Be sure to add any pictures where you know you were feeling amazing and truly enjoying yourself at the time.  Keeping a collection of your best memories can be a great way to remind you of how blessed you really are.

Here are some of the pics from my Texas family vacation that I added to my Abundant Living album:

To see the rest of my vacation pictures along with captions, click here to visit my Abundant Living Album. Let my album be your inspiration! The great times in your life should be celebrated and shared!

Have a wonderful day!

Share your thoughts in the comments: What is your favorite memory of this Summer?

Peace, Love, & Abundant Living,


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