Happy Monday!  It feels good to be on the other side of the storm today.  Hurricane Irene has passed and the storm is over!

The East Coast has been through a lot in just one week.  First, we experienced an earthquake to an extent we haven’t seen the likes of since the 1800s!  Then a few days later, Hurricane Irene hit the area with high winds, rain, flooding and damage.  Now it’s time to celebrate.  We’ve made it through!

Yesterday, the day after the storm, was such a beautiful day.  The weather was perfect, the sun was shining and everyone was out enjoying it.  There was a feeling a gratitude and joy in the air.

Here is the view from my window yesterday…

I’m sure you’ve seen enough pictures of the damage after the storm, it’s time to pay attention to the beauty.

I believe the beauty that followed the storm is a testament to what is to come after all of the storms of life.  When you keep your mind on the end result, you can weather the storm with grace.

I have been so blessed with all of these natural disasters hitting close to home.  I have come out of them all completely safe and comfortable, not even inconvenienced by a power outage.  I am so incredibly grateful because I know this is not everyone’s story.  I’ve seen the effects this storm has had on thousands of people and I continue to pray for them.

But I believe that even those that have to clean up the damage from the storm and suffer through the inconveniences still have a lot to be grateful for.  They made it.  They are safe.  They are able to experience the beautiful days that have followed.  We all have a lot to be grateful for and it’s time to shift the focus.

So whether you have made it through this recent physical storm or a storm raging in your life, let this song inspire you today:

Add this song to your playlist as a reminder of how it feels to get beyond the storm:

[iframe_loader src=”http://rcm.amazon.com/e/cm?lt1=_blank&bc1=000000&IS2=1&bg1=FFFFFF&fc1=000000&lc1=0000FF&t=finhopwit-20&o=1&p=8&l=as4&m=amazon&f=ifr&ref=ss_til&asins=B00137GDG4″ style=”width:120px;height:240px;” scrolling=”no” marginwidth=”0″ marginheight=”0″ frameborder=”0″]

Share your thoughts in the comments: How did the storm effect you?  Did this song remind you of how good it feels to get beyond any storm in your life?  What other songs do that for you?  How important is it for you to stay positive during trying physical and emotional times?

Peace, Love, & Music,


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