In my previous post, Mental Strength is the Key to Success, I emphasized the importance of mental strength in being able to block out negative outside forces and stay focused on your goal.  As I was getting my breakfast this morning, I realized that physical health and strength are just as important in the pursuit of success.  So today’s post is a continuation of not only the additional keys to success, but also the storyline in my previous post.  So be sure to check it out so you can follow along with today’s references.

Yesterday, Paul Bishop – one of the interrogators on the show Take the Money and Run, left comments on my post giving a lot more insight on what the contestants go through when they are on the show.  One of his comments stated that the contestants are purposely given the same meal 5 times a day so that they are unable to determine the time of day.  The idea behind this process is to keep the contestants from trying to figure out how much time is left of the 48 hours they have to endure the confines of the jail cell.  He also said that normally the contestants will refuse to eat the first meal, which causes their blood sugar to plummet, making them emotionally vulnerable to the pressure and mind tricks of the interrogation tactics.

The concept of how missing a meal can effect your emotional state is so important.  This is why getting my breakfast inspired this post today.  I thought about how many times I’ve heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  It’s not just important for your physical health, it also plays a role in your emotional health, which in turn affects your mental health.  Everything is connected.  So when you take the time to consciously work on every aspect of yourself, you become invincible to negative outside forces and destined for success.

Many times success can be elusive to people because they can’t get pass the dreaming state.  They dream and wish for a successful lifestyle or outcome, but never really take any steps to get there.  This was the story of my life in the past.  I never had enough drive or focus to actually put my thoughts into actions.

Others develop enough to take the action steps toward their goals, but somehow they still don’t get there, or if they do it takes FOREVER.  They trudge through for months and years, taking one action step after another, wondering if they’ll ever make it to the end.  In the process they are struggling and ultimately unhappy, which can cause them to either lose site of their goal and totally fail, or create the feeling of perpetual wanting, only allowing themselves contentment after reaching success.  In either case you’ve failed because the journey to success should not be torturous.  Difficult and challenging, yes, nightmare-ish and unbearable, no.

That too was the story of my past, describing the beginning of my journey.  Luckily I’ve found the complete set of keys to success:

Dreams + Action – It’s important to dream big and believe in your dreams, that’s definitely the starting point.  But you must then put your dreams into action.  Allowing them to waste away as fleeting and intangible thoughts does you a terrible disservice.

Mental Strength – Develop, condition and control your mind so that no matter what you face, you are able to stay focused, stay positive, stay strong, be rational, think intelligently, keep calm, and remain clear of your ultimate goal.

Physical Health – Taking proper care of your body builds your energy levels so that you have more fuel to consistently take action toward your goals.  It also feeds your mind and emotions with the proper nutrients so they operate at optimum levels.

Emotional Wellness – Tapping into positive, happy and fulfilling feelings on a regular basis can only lead to good.  Period.  So find whatever it is that makes you consistently FEEL GOOD and you’re already on the right track.

Spiritual Practice – Connecting with a higher power is critical, because no matter what you are trying to accomplish in life, you cannot do it alone.  It is imperative to build your faith and relationship with Spirit to receive the guidance, support and resources you need.

The pursuit of success requires the total package.  To ignore one area is to neglect them all.  It’s really a beautiful process when you think about it.  Having the opportunity to enhance your imagination, desires, actions, mind, body, emotions and spirit in order to make your dreams come true sounds like an ideal life to me! 🙂

Share your thoughts in the comments: What has been your experience with success?  Which of these keys are you currently working on?

Peace, Love, & Success,


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