As I mentioned in Part 1, I have been learning a lot of lessons this Summer that have really shifted my way of thinking, which has effected my everyday actions.  It’s taken me all Summer to write about them because I went through a process of being initially aware of these principles to practicing them enough to where I’m really starting to master them.  Now that I feel I have a good grip on them, I can better process them to share.

Today’s lesson is about letting go…. OMG, I have been fighting with this one for SO LONG.  It’s funny because this post originally had so many different titles… Until I realized, there aren’t a lot of titles that I need to decide between, rather there are a lot of things that I need to just LET GO.

And so, like the hand that released all the different balloons in the above picture, as I build my business and create my ideal life, I will be…

Letting Go of Pressure – I realized that I have been suffering from so much self-imposed pressure in everything I do.  Telling myself that things have to be done in a certain way or by a certain time, and when I don’t do it that way I’ve failed myself.  This has caused me so much stress and anxiety!  When I realized that I was the only one shaking the grading stick over my head, I finally just told myself to relax.  I mean I was literally taking the joy out of doing what I love!  So now I just focus on exactly what I love about what I’m doing, and that brings so much more ease and flow into my day as I complete each task.

Letting Go of Multitasking – Trying to tackle everything at once in order to be more effective and productive has literally driven me crazy.  I thought that being successful meant taking on everything.  Well, I’ve learned the hard way that you cannot overexert yourself trying to do too much at once.  The reality is, when your focus is directed toward too many things at the same time, none of them are getting 100% of you.  So in order to deliver excellence, it is necessary to give each task your undivided attention and then move on to the next.  In practicing this principle, I’ve adopted a new mindset of, “If it doesn’t all get done today, it will at least be done by this week.”  That helps me A LOT.

Letting Go of People Pleasing – As I’m sure you’re starting to tell, these principles are all related to each other.  So part of the reason I was putting so much pressure on myself and multitasking was to make sure I’m giving people what they want.  But I’ve learned that before you can do for others, you must first show up for yourself.  Respecting yourself and your time enough to slow down, give yourself a break when needed, and allow yourself the opportunity to tap into the love and joy in what you’re doing FIRST will make you more effective and sustainable in the long run.  So many times we overlook our own personal needs to give to others.  But when we make self-care and love the first step instead of the last, we are able to properly show up for those who need it in a way that fulfills all who are involved.

Letting Go of Overactive Thoughts – My mind is constantly on overdrive.  It really can get ridiculous sometimes.  It’s even gotten to the point where I’ve realized exactly why I’m clumsy.  It’s not just because I drop stuff all the time.  I drop them because my mind is somewhere else!  So I’m learning to be more present in the moment, instead of always thinking of the next thing while I’m doing something else.  The same principle applies to dealing with people.  Calm your mind down enough to really listen to people when they are talking to you, so you can truly be there for them.  You wouldn’t want them to be like one of those dishes you clumsily dropped while you were thinking of something else. *Ahem* I was talking to myself on that one.

Letting Go of Perfectionism – This one is a biggie.  I heard a saying recently that perfectionists feel that if things aren’t perfect they’re worthless.  Ouch.  That one stung.  I realized that was me.  I have gotten so upset when things aren’t perfect that I won’t even want to deal with or look at them.  It’s crazy to hold everything up to such a high standard.  That’s why I’m releasing that bad boy immediately.  My new mantra is: IT’S OK! I have to keep telling myself that, or I will never stop.  Excellence does not mean delivering the most perfect product possible, it means giving it your all in everything you do.  Knowing that YOU are enough is the starting point to realizing that whatever you’re producing is good enough, because you wouldn’t produce anything less than the excellence that you are.

I’ve noticed now that I’m letting go of all of these things that I was juggling, the quality of my life has been greatly enhanced.

Share your thoughts in the comments: Can you relate to any of the things I am letting go?  How have you noticed these things playing out in your life, and how willing are you to let them go?

Peace, Love & Letting It All Go,


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