This week’s song and video literally brings me to tears every time I watch it.  Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr. is an incredible inspiration.  He is the newest winner of America’s Got Talent.  His story is so inspirational because he has gone from washing cars to winning $1 million and a contract as a Las Vegas headliner.

Stories like his always hit a soft spot in my heart, reinforcing that anything is possible.  He is a perfect example of success against all odds.  He has overcome life’s hardships to live out his dream.

The fact that he sang Frank Sinatra’s famous “My Way” as his final and winning performance was fitting in so many ways.  Out of all of the trained talent competing against him, he was the only raw talent that continued to grow and develop, while mesmerizing the audience in the process.  He went in there with his raw gift and allowed the hope that music brought him to fuel his journey to success.

It was amazing how his last performance was also symbolic of how he stood out from the rest.  As it got down to the finalists, he was the only single act surrounded by groups, until he was the last man standing.  He definitely held his own and did things his way.

I am so proud of him and inspired by his win.  After surviving a troubled and less fortunate past, going up against huge competition, and believing in himself enough to shine in front of the world, he deserves all the winnings he’s received and more.

Enjoy this clip of his final performance along with some of his story and the judges reactions.

Share your thoughts in the comments: Did you watch the show? What did you think of his win? How are you doing things your own way to ensure that you shine in your life?  How are you beating the odds?

Peace, Love & Music,


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