This week’s song is so simple and sweet, yet inspiring and impactful.  I remember hearing it back in the day, but it means more to me now than ever before.

The message of “Never Give Up” is so powerful.  I read an article recently about how Colonel Sanders of KFC started out trying to selling his fried chicken to different restaurants and got turned down over 1,000 times before reaching success.  Can you imagine hearing “No” to your dreams 1,000 times??

Colonel Sanders, along with many of the greats of our time, define what it means to never give up.  You have to believe so much in yourself and your dreams that no matter what people say and no matter how many times you’re rejected, you continue to move forward and stand up for what you believe in.  That takes strong inner belief and courage.

This song definitely fuels the courage and inspiration you need to make your dreams come true.  Be inspired today!

Keep this song on your playlist for instant courage to fulfill your dreams:

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Share your thoughts in the comments: What other songs inspire you to reach your dreams?

Peace, Love & Music,


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