It’s time to take out the trash!  Unfortunately, it’s entirely too common for people to be automatically subscribed to the junk mail that clutters our minds.

What is mental junk mail you ask?  It’s the negative thoughts that are intertwined with the normal “inbox” messages in your head.  You’ve subscribed to them because they are either a belief you’ve created based on your experiences or you’ve decided to go with the flow of what you feel is the standard of living.

You know that feeling of too much junk mail cluttering up your inbox?  The same goes for your mind, which spills over into your life.  Why pay attention to mental messages you really don’t want to deal with?  You are the one in control of what you read in your inbox.  You DO NOT have to open up and accept everything that comes in.  It is necessary to declutter and unsubscribe from all the things that do not serve you in your life.

Don’t just accept things because you think that’s the way they are supposed to be.  Things are supposed to be the way you want them.  You can’t just take life at face value.  If you determined your life only by what you see, you would be devastated and disappointed often.  Life is more than what you see.  There is a force behind it all, and if you fail to tap into that force and believe in something bigger than yourself and all the negativity you see around you, you will never be able to make a better life for yourself.

What “mental junk mail” is taking up your mind space?  Are you subscribed to the personally created beliefs based on your own experiences, by thinking things like:

“I hate my job.”

“I don’t have enough money.”

“I feel unattractive because I’m not the weight I want to be.”

“I feel like a loser because I’ve been single for too long.”

“I am not satisfied with my relationship and I’m tired of being unhappy.”

“I feel lost in life and hopeless about my future.”

Or, are you subscribed to negative societal standards because you’ve been made to be believe “that’s just the way life is”, by thinking things like:

“Kids are bad.”

“Throwing events are stressful and chaotic.”

“Running a business is hectic.”

“All men are dogs.”

Things don’t HAVE to be this way just because other people say so, or because they are most people’s experiences.  You create your own experiences in your life, and that starts with what you think and believe in your mind.

Many of these statements are commonplace mentalities that many people subscribe to on a daily basis, because they are looking at the circumstances instead of the potential.  It’s like looking right down at your feet while walking across the street, you won’t get too far if you don’t look up.

Recently, I realized I had been subscribed to a lack and limitation mentality.  My way of thinking automated and expected blocks at every turn.  It wasn’t until I actually started paying close attention to my thoughts that I realized I was the one putting limitations on myself, and new opportunities wouldn’t open up for me until I did.  I realized it was time to unsubscribe from the nonsense.

I use the term subscribe, because when you subscribe to a thought process you believe it, you accept it and you expect it.  Why believe, accept and expect negative outcomes for yourself?  Aren’t you worth more than that?  Treat yourself to more of what you truly want and deserve.  It’s time to believe, accept and expect what’s positive and possible for your life, with no exceptions.

And if it’s too much of a stretch for you truly believe in the positive because your circumstances seem so bleak, at least consider that this is not the ultimate plan for your life.  Know that there is and always will be something better for you. Know that you were not put on this earth to suffer.  You were put here to prosper and live in your purpose.

As much as I may have subscribed to negative thinking, I never stopped praying.  I knew there had to be a better way, and I was determined to get to it.  There was no way I could settle for the worst.  I knew that God had my back, and even when my faith got weary, I prayed for that too.  You always have to believe in something bigger than yourself, because your existence consists of more than what you can do alone and what you can see in your immediate surroundings.

We all have to take the blinders off and change our thinking from negative to positive, no matter what the situation looks like.  It’s not the easiest thing in the world, but nothing worth it ever is.  It’s imperative to look beyond what’s wrong and see what’s right and what’s possible.

So do yourself a favor and clean out the junk mail in your mind and fill it with all the things you want for yourself.

Change your language about your situation, no matter what it is.  One of my favorite positive mindsets came from my mom recently when she made a conscious decision to change her way of thinking by saying:

“I am so glad my new laptop is on its way” instead of resorting to the common complaint of, “This laptop gets on my nerves, I need a new one so bad.”

You can apply this mentality to any circumstance.  And whenever it may seem a little far fetched, just “fake it ’til you make it” and if all else fails, PRAY.  Pray for the desire to think more positively.  Pray for a stronger faith to accomplish anything, no matter how impossible it seems.  Pray for the miracles you know you deserve in your life, and then subscribe to a better life for yourself right away.

Share your thoughts in the comments: What are the most common negative mindsets you hear from other people or subscribe to yourself?  What do you do to get rid of negative thoughts? How do you defy the odds by staying positive in a negative world?

Peace, Love & Positivity,


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