Welcome to Finding Hope Within!


Alexis Myers, Founder

This blog was originally created as a way for me to express my creativity through my love for writing, while sharing my passion for the life lessons and revelations I am constantly learning and growing from.  It is a product of the personal and spiritual development journey I’ve been on to gain inner peace and happiness, find out who I really am, and ultimately live a more fulfilling life.

As I’ve evolved on my journey, this website has developed into so much more….

Finding Hope Within offers constant inspiration for your journey to greatness and practical tips to live your best life.

As I’ve learned on my own journey, when you are inspired, it ignites a passion within you to experience more in life.  In the quest for more, it becomes imperative to DO more in order to live your best life.

And so, this site gives my take on the ingredients to living your best life, which consists of…

  • Healing the past
  • Breaking down limiting beliefs 
  • Challenging original beliefs
  • Finding your truth
  • Finding your passion and purpose
  • Learning to truly enjoy the life you live
  • Opening your mind
  • Continuing to grow
  • All the while constantly feeding yourself with positive and enlightening fuel that gets you in the right mindset so that you keep moving toward the life of your dreams.

I believe strongly that the purpose of humanity is to serve others with your own unique gifts, while living life to the fullest, experiencing the beauty, adventure, and the very best life has to offer.

So if you are on your own journey to be, do, or have better, let’s do it together!  It is my goal that this website serves as a vehicle to connect with others so that we share in each others’ journeys, while offering a source of inspiration and wisdom that leaves a positive influence on the lives of those who read it.

I hope that you enjoy your experience here and that your visit to this site lifts your spirits, opens your mind, or brightens your day in some way.

To find out more about me and my journey, read My Introduction.

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Peace, Love & Happiness,